Pistol Basics Single Caliber Cleaning Kit

Sale price$24.99
Size: .22 Calliber

Clenzoil Field & Range Pistol Basics Kit offers a comprehensive cleaning solution at our most appealing price point. Including all of the necessary components for a complete cleaning of all parts of semi-automatic pistols and revolvers, the Basics Series offers simplicity for all level of enthusiasts. The Single Caliber Basics Kit comes complete with Clenzoil Field & Range 0.5 oz. Solution and a complete bore cleaning system. Compact, resealable packaging makes it easy to keep all cleaning components together in a range bag or on the workbench. 

Cleaning Kit Contains: 

  • Clenzoil Field & Range 0.5 oz. Solution
  • Clenzoil Rod Set & Ergonomic Rotating Handle
  • Clenzoil Bronze Bore Brush - Caliber Specific
  • Clenzoil Nylon Bore Brush - Caliber Specific
  • Clenzoil Bore Mop - Caliber Specific
  • Clenzoil Bronze Patch Puller - Caliber Specific
  • Clenzoil Bronze Jag - Caliber Specific
  • Cotton Patches