Chain & Sprocket 4oz Bottle

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Clenzoil Chain & Sprocket is a high quality one-step cleaner, lubricant, and rust preventative for bike chains, sprockets, derailleurs, cables, caliper pivots, and more. Clenzoil is engineered for cyclists seeking a quick, one-step cleaner and lubricant product with additional rust preventative additives for a complete all-in-one product. As Clenzoil Chain & Sprocket flushes out dirt, grime, and old lube, it leaves behind a light film that lubricates and protects your chain without attracting dirt, dust, and other debris. Clenzoil is the perfect choice for maintaining your bicycle's drivetrain if you are new to bicycle maintenance or lack the time to focus on optimum chain cleaning and condition-specific lubrication. The product is specially formulated with rust and corrosion inhibitors that provide ultimate protection in extreme weather conditions including coastal salt air without sacrificing cleaning power or lubrication. The Clenzoil Chain & Sprocket formulation is the ultimate combination of lubricants, degreasers, and corrosion inhibitors designed to combat your enemies on the road, trail or track - moisture, corrosion and metal-to-metal friction. Whether it's road cycling, BMX, mountain biking, or anything in between, Clenzoil won't let you down.