Our Story: The Clenzoil Legacy

Founded in 1948 by Ellis Christian Lenz, a dedicated rifleman and firearms historian, Clenzoil has established a legacy of excellence in gun maintenance. Initially recognized in 1950 through rigorous NRA tests, Clenzoil was featured in the American Rifleman Magazine, highlighting its efficacy as a gun cleaner and steel rustproofer. Originally a local secret among firearm enthusiasts, it garnered a cult-like following due to its unmatched quality.

In 2015, James Albritton, an Air Force veteran and passionate entrepreneur, acquired Clenzoil, recognizing its potential to resonate on a global scale. His vision for expansion revitalized the brand, now known as Clenzoil Unlimited, aiming to elevate it to unprecedented heights. Under new leadership, the company intensified its commitment to integrity, innovation, and support for veterans, fostering significant growth.

Clenzoil's transformation has led to a diverse product catalog, now featuring over 100 items, extending beyond the firearms industry into fishing, marine, and various other maintenance applications. Once a modest brand with only eight SKUs, Clenzoil has evolved into a symbol of excellence and trust for outdoor enthusiasts worldwide. As a trusted companion for adventure, Clenzoil invites you to join in celebrating and preserving the spirit of the great outdoors.



As a veteran-founded and veteran-owned business, our company values are deeply rooted in the principles that guided us during our military service. Integrity, resilience, and a relentless pursuit of excellence form the bedrock of everything we do. We believe in fostering a culture of mutual respect, teamwork, and unwavering dedication to provide unmatched quality in all products we offer, while administering unparrelled customer service. We honor our commitment to serving others by consistently delivering the highest quality of work and exceeding expectations. With a strong emphasis on discipline, accountability, and adaptability, we tackle challenges head-on and embrace innovative solutions. Our unwavering commitment to our employees, customers, and communities is what sets us apart. We take pride in our military heritage and carry it forward as we build a legacy of superior gun cleaning solutions.


Are you looking for a rewarding career that aligns with your values? At clenzoil, we are always on the lookout for talented individuals who are passionate about making a difference. As a veteran-founded and veteran-owned company, we understand the unique skills and perspectives that veterans bring to the table. We value teamwork, leadership, and a strong work ethic, and we provide a supportive and inclusive environment where your talents can flourish. Whether you are a veteran transitioning into the civilian workforce or someone seeking a purpose-driven career, we invite you to explore the opportunities available with us. Join our exceptional team and contribute to our mission of excellence. Take the first step toward a fulfilling career by contacting us today.