Pick & Brush Combo Pack

Sale price$6.99

Clenzoil Pick & Brush Combo Pack allows users to clean out all those hard to reach grooves and corners that can't be reached with patches. The picks come in a variety of shapes so that you'll have just the right size to fit into those tight spots. Brass, copper, and nylon utility brushes are also included for scrubbing away tough powder residue. A "must have" for your cleaning supplies and range bags. 

  • NYLON BRUSH - Flexible bristles designed to penetrate surface build-up and loosen fouling. Great for slide rails and cleaning of small internal parts.
  • COPPER BRUSH - Breaks loose and removes hard carbon deposits on bolt faces and gas pistons. Designed to be used on stubborn deposits / build up on firearm internals. 
  • BRASS BRUSH - Slightly softer than brass, the copper brush can be used in more delicate areas where additional scrubbing is required. 
  • POLYMER PICKS - Double-sided unique tips strategically designed to attack the hard to reach areas of your firearm that are more prone to excessive carbon build-up.