Field & Range Bore Stix

Sale price$12.99
Size: 22 Cal / 5.56MM [75 Stix]

The Clenzoil Field & Range Bore Stix simplify your maintenance process by combining the trusted Clenzoil Field & Range formula with heavy-duty, caliber-specific cotton fiber Bore Stix. Each Bore Stix features a flexible bamboo handle and is pre-saturated with Clenzoil Field & Range solution, allowing for effortless cleaning of pistol barrels without complete firearm disassembly. Quick and easy barrel maintenance on-the-go is now within reach.



  • Precision Cleaning: Engineered to simplify the cleaning process, these Bore Stix provide precise and thorough cleaning of your firearm's bore, removing fouling, debris, and residue with ease.
  • Caliber-Specific Design: Available in multiple calibers including 22 Cal / 5.56MM, 38 Cal / 9MM, 40 Cal / 10MM, and 44/45 Cal, these Bore Stix cater to a wide range of firearms, offering versatility and compatibility.
  • Effortless Cleaning: Each cotton tip is pre-saturated with Clenzoil Field & Range solution, facilitating effortless cleaning of pistol barrels without the need for complete disassembly, saving you time and hassle.
  • Flexible Bamboo Handle: The flexible bamboo handle offers ergonomic grip and maneuverability, allowing for comfortable and efficient cleaning even in tight spaces.
  • On-The-Go Convenience: With Clenzoil Field & Range Bore Stix, you can perform quick and easy barrel maintenance on-the-go, ensuring your firearm is always in top condition, wherever your adventures take you.

Available in 22 Cal / 5.56MM [75 Stix], 38 Cal / 9MM [50 Stix], 40 Cal / 10MM [30 Stix], and 44/45 Cal [25 Stix].