Clenzoil Carbon Fiber Bore Cleaning Rod - Shotgun

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Introducing the Clenzoil Carbon Fiber Bore Cleaning Rod - the pinnacle of barrel maintenance crafted to elevate your cleaning experience. Clenzoil premium carbon fiber rods are designed to ensure the utmost safety for your barrel's interior. The innovative ergonomic handle paired with dual high-quality ball bearing sets empowers this rod to glide effortlessly through the barrel, eliminating any risk of binding even under substantial pressure. Trust in the precision and reliability of Clenzoil's Carbon Fiber Cleaning Rods for a thorough and efficient cleaning process, preserving the integrity of your firearm with every use. 

Bore Cleaning Rod System Includes:

  • 45” Carbon Fiber Cleaning Rod
  • Clenzoil Field & Range Solution 0.5 oz. Bottle
  • Brass Patch Puller
  • 8-32 Threaded Adapter
  • Cotton Patches