AR-10 | AK-47 Cleaning Kit (.30 Cal | 7.62 MM)

Sale price$27.99

Designed to provide all of the necessary tools to maintain the reliability and accuracy of AR-10 or AK-47 style firearms. Unlike other cleaning kits, the Clenzoil AR-10 | AK-47 Cleaning Kit includes both a rod-driven and cable pull-through system to provide tools for a thorough cleaning. Includes a .30 Caliber | 7.62 mm bronze bore brush and an AR-10 | AK-47 Chamber Brush. Perfect for an on-the-go field cleaning or a thorough home breakdown on the workbench. 

Cleaning Kit Contains:

  • Clenzoil Field & Range 0.5 oz. Dropper
  • 0.30 Cal. | 7.62 mm Brass Bore Brush
  • Bronze Chamber Brush

Tools & Accessories:

  • 12" Aluminum Rod Set
  • Rod Handle
  • 36" Pull-Through Cable
  • Scrubbing Brush
  • Patch Puller
  • Cotton Patches
  • Nylon Water Resistant Case