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Veteran's Day Buy One - Gift One

Veteran's Day Buy One - Gift One

This Veteran’s Day, and the two weeks prior, Clenzoil will salute veterans and active duty military personnel by donating product to match that of any customer order. With each order through Clenzoil.com, customers will be given the opportunity to select a veteran or active military of his/her choosing to send the same product to, and if the customer either chooses not to participate or doesn’t have someone in mind, the team at Clenzoil will find someone in need.
on October 29, 2020
Veteran Owned Clenzoil Continues to Support its Own

Veteran Owned Clenzoil Continues to Support its Own

Clenzoil's own Shane Erwin signed an option 40 contract for the Ranger Assessment and Selection Program. Before leaving the Clenzoil team for infantry basic training, our appreciation for his sacrifice was to be noted. Clenzoil owner, James Albritton and the rest of the team banded together to replace Shane's weathered old Mustang with a newer, more reliable means of transportation for his wife and two young kids while he's away. We wish Shane and his family the best of luck with their next chapter and can't thank them enough for the sacrifices they're making for our country. 
on July 15, 2019

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