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Veteran Owned Clenzoil Continues to Support its Own

Veteran Owned Clenzoil Continues to Support its Own - Clenzoil Unlimited

(Dade City, FL) Clenzoil, the leading and most trusted manufacturer of cleaning and maintenance products for the Firearm and Marine industries since 1948 continues to support veterans and active military as it always has since the Founder, Capt. Lenz, a veteran of WWII, started the Company in 1948. The same principals that Capt. Lenz instilled in Clenzoil still holds true today as Owner and Veteran James Albritton continuously gives back to multiple military and law enforcement organizations. From Clenzoil’s on-going initiative with Mission 22 and several other non-profit organizations to participating in and contributing to veteran events all over the country, giving back is undoubtedly a cornerstone in the company’s brand.


So, when one of Clenzoil’s own decided to defend his country, Mr. Albritton and team jumped into action as they always do. Shane Erwin has worked for Clenzoil for a little over a year, and like the rest of the team, is a valued employee, made of high moral character, an extraordinary work ethic and pride for his country. When he gave his notice and told Clenzoil he had enlisted in the Army, James and Chris Hoffman knew he was also leaving behind his wife, Kylie, and his two young children Hunter and Skye. The team at Clenzoil took it upon themselves to make sure that his family had the support they needed while Shane was away.


“Shane has been an incredibly employee and more importantly, part of our Clenzoil family for the last year,” said Chris Hoffman, President of Clenzoil. “All of us here at Clenzoil are very proud that Shane has decided to serve our country by joining the Army; we are honored to have had him as part of our team and know he will be just as successful in this next chapter in his life.”


As soon as Chris Hoffman got the news, he “put the wheels in motion” and searched out exactly what would help Shane and his family the most. Having heard about all the troubles they faced with their vehicles on a weekly basis, it became clear as Shane drove up the next day to work, that a new car would be a tremendous help to his family. “I will never forget Shane video chatting us on his way home from work in the pouring rain, with a window that would not roll up,” said Chris. “He couldn’t help but laugh while talking to us as the water poured into the car and of course onto him. But that’s the kind of person that Shane is; regardless of the situation, he always pushes forward and finds the good in the bad. We wanted his family to have reliable transportation in his absence, so that Shane could have the peace of mind that his family is safe and can get to where they need to go without worrying about a broken-down car and the expense that comes with it.”


Right away Chris and James discussed the situation and without hesitating, James agreed and the search was on for a new vehicle for Shane and his family. They knew they had to act quickly, as Shane shipped out to basic training on July 15th. Within a few days, Chris and James purchased an SUV perfect for the Erwin family. 

Shane was surprised with the keys to his new Ford SUV and the promise that in his absence, James, Chris and whole Clenzoil Team will support and take care of his family and their needs.


“Our Veterans are the lifeblood to this great Country of ours,” said James Albritton, Owner of Clenzoil. “Before anything else, Clenzoil and I are here to support our veterans, active military and law enforcement. It really hits home when one of our own decides to serve his Country. We here at Clenzoil are a family, and this is what family does. We are all here for Shane and his family and will provide whatever support they need.”


Shane Erwion signed an Option 40 Contract for RASP (Ranger Assessment and Selection Program) and will be leaving the Clenzoil team for Infantry basic training. His wife Kylie, son Hunter and daughter Skye will remain in Florida as Shane begins his military service.


“In my life, there has not been anyone that has done anything, really, to help me out,” said a choked up Shane. “It’s truly difficult for me to comprehend. Thank you guys, I appreciate it.”

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