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Clenzoil Donates Custom Cleaning Station for Local Police

Clenzoil Donates Custom Cleaning Station for Local Police - Clenzoil Unlimited
Amid the push by many companies vowing to stand with other “movements”, Clenzoil and its employees have stepped up to not only defend the police, but also support them with quality Clenzoil products, even as public support for police has at times led to social backlash and buying boycotts. Clenzoil has drawn a hard line in the sand and is committed to supporting all men and women in blue, as they have since 1948.

“The men and women in uniform put their lives on the line day in-and-day out to protect our communities,” said Alan Molony, Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Clenzoil. “Now, more than ever, showing them our support and appreciation for all they do is essential. Clenzoil is, and always has been, committed to helping the members of local law enforcement that protect the neighborhoods in which we live, work and play.”

Clenzoil is well known for supporting veterans; law enforcement and first responders are just as revered and supported. What is anticipated to be the first of many, Clenzoil has recently installed a cleaning station at the Dade City Police Department making it easier for the police to keep their firearms in excellent-working condition. The cleaning station is fully equipped with a wide selection of Clenzoil products and accessories including their original CLP, the full line of Cobra Bore Cleaning Systems, Bore Stix and a number of other essential firearms maintenance tools.

“It’s all about community and we are committed to continuing to invest time, product and resources in making a positive, justified and lasting impact,” said Chris Hoffman, President of Clenzoil. “All of us at Clenzoil are united by our unwavering commitment to supporting not only our local law enforcement agencies, but agencies nationwide.”

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