Dear Fellow American,

At Clenzoil, we do more than manufacture a world-class CLP; we have a heightened sense of responsibility, respect, and caring devotion to our customers.

Our product will not let you down. Regardless of the conditions or circumstances, Clenzoil will not separate and your firearms will not jam. This product has performed tried and true in combat and other shooting environments and it does not fail.

We are determined to ensure the company is successful. Our team of professionals are dedicated to providing an organizational environment based around open communication, trust, and fairness towards all of our customers. When you choose Clenzoil as a product, you have our commitment to ensure that our product is successful in whatever capacity you require.

We are truly grateful for your business and look forward to having you as a lifelong Clenzoil customer

God Bless,

James Albritton
Owner & Veteran