More than seven decades ago, Clenzoil came into existence. The Clenzoil Formula for complete gun maintenance was developed in 1948 by Ellis Christian Lenz, rifleman and firearms historian. In 1950, the reliability of Clenzoil as a gun cleaner and steel rustproofer was established during one year of exacting NRA tests. The American Rifleman Magazine of that time announced the merits of Clenzoil under its trade headings of “New Products” and “Gunsmith Trade Dope.” Back then, it was more than just a product; it was a well-kept secret shared among a select few who held a deep reverence for their firearms. The devotion of those who used it could only be described as cult-like. However, Clenzoil's presence was confined to a local market, and its loyal customer base was a tight-knit community.

In 2015, the destiny of Clenzoil took a remarkable turn when James Albritton, an Air Force veteran, an ardent gun enthusiast, and a thriving entrepreneur, was presented with the opportunity to acquire the company. James was already familiar with the incredible performance of Clenzoil, for it was the Cleaner-Lubricant-Protectant that had never let him down. Its impeccable performance spoke for itself, and he saw limitless potential if Clenzoil could reach a global audience. As with all things that are meant to be, the necessary pieces fell into place, James seized the opportunity to take over the company, and Clenzoil Unlimited was born.

As the new steward of Clenzoil, James wasted no time in setting the stage for its ascension to the next level and beyond. His first move was to appoint a visionary leader who could navigate the company to greater heights. Enter Chris Hoffman, who assumed the role of President in early 2016. Chris fully embraced the core values James held dear: integrity, a commitment to innovation, and unwavering support for veterans. While his background as a Civil Engineer might have seemed unconventional, it was his experience in problem-solving and tenacity that made him a perfect fit for the company's growth. Together, James and Chris charted a path to propel Clenzoil into the global market.

With Chris at the helm, Clenzoil embarked on a journey of transformation. He handpicked a team of like-minded and industrious individuals who shared his vision. Instead of merely seeking vendors based on price, Chris sought out partners who resonated with the same principles and exhibited a steadfast dedication to quality. Moreover, he identified untapped horizons in other industries where Clenzoil's magic could work wonders, leading to the creation of new products and innovative marketing strategies.

Today, the Clenzoil product catalog boasts a diverse array of over 100 product offerings, catering not only to the firearms industry but also to the fishing and marine sectors, as well as a multitude of other maintenance applications. This is a far cry from the humble eight product SKUs Clenzoil had in 2015. Our range of products now encompasses oils, greases, wipes, cleaning kits, and so much more.

No longer a hidden gem known only to a select group of enthusiasts, Clenzoil has emerged as a brand that epitomizes excellence, commitment, and an unbridled passion for outdoor adventures. Our legacy of integrity and innovation seamlessly intertwines with the fervor of those who hold the great outdoors close to their hearts. Clenzoil is no longer just a product; it's a companion, a symbol of trust, and a testament to the unyielding spirit of exploration and adventure. Join us on this journey, and let Clenzoil be your steadfast partner in preserving and cherishing the great outdoors.