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Remove spool assembly by turning drag knob counter clockwise. On Reels equipped with a rear drag, spool assemblies are release via push button and handle assembly.

Inspect spool assembly for damage. Pay special attention to the spool lip, as damaged or chipped spool lips will consequently cause premature wear on fishing line.

Lightly coat reel with Marine & Tackle 2 oz pump sprayer.

Use a microfiber towel to wipe away excess oil and clear any corrosive build-up.

Using a cotton swab, inspect reel and remove any additional debris.

Apply one or two drops of Clenzoil Marine & Tackle to the double main shaft bearing using the 1 oz needle oiler.

Lightly oil line roller assembly using Clenzoil Marine & Tackle 1 oz. needle oiler. Regular oiling (after every fishing trip or two) will greatly increase the life expectancy of the line roller bearing.

Oil drive gear bearing (s) . Bearings are visible with the handle assembly removed . Some reels also have an additional drive gear bearing on the right hand side.

On reels that are equipped with a oil port, apply one or two drops of Clenzoil Marine & Tackle 1 oz needle oiler.

Refer to your reel manual for breakdown instructions to access spinning gears.


Apply a small amount of Clenzoil Synthetic Reel Grease to the gears and spin the reel handle to disperse evenly.

Reassemble reel. Using Microfiber towel, wipe down exterior of reel.