Synthetic Grease Syringe

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Clenzoil® Synthetic Gun Grease is a premium synthetic grease engineered to provide superior protection under extreme heat and pressure conditions. Designed to stay in place, this grease is formulated to safeguard critical firearm components. Ideal for various applications including shotgun choke tubes, muzzleloader breech plugs, and semi-automatic handgun slide rails, it effectively reduces wear, eliminates stainless steel galling, and prevents seizing of threaded parts. With no lithium, graphite, or Teflon, Clenzoil Synthetic Gun Grease remains pliant even in temperatures ranging from -10°F to 500°F, ensuring reliable performance in diverse environments.


  • Extreme Heat and Pressure Protection: Engineered to withstand extreme heat and pressure, Clenzoil Synthetic Gun Grease provides reliable protection for critical firearm components, ensuring optimal performance in demanding conditions.
  • Versatile Application: This synthetic grease is suitable for various firearm components including shotgun choke tubes, muzzleloader breech plugs, hinges on O/U shotguns, semi-automatic handgun slide rails, and any other metal-on-metal sliding surfaces, offering versatile protection across firearms.
  • Reduced Wear and Galling: Clenzoil Synthetic Gun Grease effectively reduces wear and eliminates stainless steel galling, extending the lifespan of firearm components and ensuring smooth operation.
  • Threaded Part Seizure Prevention: With its advanced formula, this grease prevents the seizing of threaded parts, facilitating easy maintenance and disassembly of firearms.
  • Wide Temperature Range: Formulated without lithium, graphite, or Teflon, Clenzoil Synthetic Gun Grease maintains its pliancy in temperatures ranging from -10°F to 500°F, guaranteeing consistent performance across various environmental conditions.
  • Premium Synthetic Formula: Crafted with high-quality synthetic ingredients, Clenzoil Synthetic Gun Grease delivers superior lubrication and protection, meeting the rigorous demands of firearm maintenance and ensuring long-term reliability.
  • American-Made: Proudly manufactured in America since 1948, Clenzoil is a product of a veteran-owned company, reflecting a commitment to quality, reliability, and tradition in firearm maintenance.