Gear Up for SHOT Show 2024: Clenzoil's Big Reveal in Vegas Despite a Frosty Hurdle!

Clenzoil SHOT Show 2024 Booth 40726

Hello gun lovers and Clenzoil enthusiasts! As we eagerly await the SHOT Show, beginning January 23, I’m here to give you a sneak peek of what Clenzoil has in store for you at this premier firearms event. Plus, I’ll share a little story about the chilly challenge of getting our booth and products to Vegas, while our team thankfully flies over the snowy mess!

Vegas Bound: Find Us at The Venetian Expo

This year, Clenzoil is setting up camp at the Venetian Expo, Level 1, Booth 40726. Trust me, you won’t want to miss what we’ve got lined up for you in this vibrant hub of firearm innovation and excitement.

What’s Cooking at Clenzoil’s SHOT Show Booth?

We’re bringing our A-game to Vegas, with some groundbreaking products ready to make their debut.

Clenzoil SHOT Show 2024 Booth

Field & Range 6 oz Aerosol:
Your New Gun Care Companion

Get ready to meet our latest innovation – the 6 oz aerosol can. This compact dynamo is perfect for cleaning, lubricating, and protecting your firearms, making gun care easier than ever.

Field & Range 6 oz Aerosol Spray

"Our new 6 oz aerosol, crafted in response to customer feedback, embodies Clenzoil's dedication to compact, powerful, and dependable gun care."

James Albritton - Owner/Veteran/LEO

Carbon Cleaning Rods:
Next-Level Gun Maintenance

Our new Carbon Cleaning Rods stand out in the Clenzoil lineup, offering a superior alternative to traditional steel rods. Made from high-quality carbon fiber, these rods are lightweight yet incredibly durable, ensuring ease of use without the risk of bending or breaking. The non-abrasive nature of carbon fiber protects the barrel's integrity, preventing scratches and preserving accuracy. Additionally, their resistance to chemicals, corrosion, and rust makes them a sustainable choice, unaffected by cleaning solvents and environmental factors. These rods exemplify Clenzoil's innovation in gun care, combining safety, durability, and effectiveness for an enhanced maintenance experience.

Carbon Fiber Cleaning Rod

Pistol Basics Cleaning Kits:
Gun Care Made Simple

And let’s not forget our comprehensive Pistol Basics Cleaning Kits. Designed for gun owners of all levels, these kits are about simplifying gun maintenance without compromising on quality.

Whether you're a first-time gun owner or a seasoned enthusiast, these kits provide a comprehensive solution for maintaining your firearm in top condition. Each kit includes essential tools tailored for effective cleaning, lubrication, and preservation of your pistol. We've thoughtfully selected high-quality components to ensure thorough cleaning without causing damage to your firearm. The user-friendly design of these kits makes gun maintenance straightforward and efficient, embodying Clenzoil's commitment to simplifying and enhancing the gun care experience for shooters of all skill levels.

Single Caliber Pistol Cleaning Kit

A Frosty Challenge: Getting Our Gear to Vegas

Now, onto our little winter tale. While our team will be flying out to Vegas, our booth and products had their own ‘cool’ adventure. Thanks to some extreme weather in the Southeast – or what Southerners call a 'snowpocalypse' – our new booth display and products were playing a nail-biting game of 'Will They, Won't They' with the delivery schedules. There were moments we were nervous our display might get a starring role in the new drama, 'Late to the SHOT Show'. But fear not, despite Mother Nature's best efforts at a plot twist, our gear arrived just in time. Crisis averted

Don't Miss Out: Free Samples of Clenzoil Field & Range

Exciting news for attendees – we're giving away free samples of Clenzoil Field & Range at our booth. It's the perfect opportunity to try out our top-notch gun care products and see why Clenzoil is a favorite among firearm enthusiasts.

Join Us at The Venetian Expo for SHOT Show

So, mark your calendars and make your way to the Venetian Expo, Level 1, Booth 40726. The SHOT Show 2024 is where the action is, and Clenzoil is ready to impress. We promise an experience filled with the latest innovations, expert insights, and a warm welcome (especially needed after our frosty freight journey!).

Get ready for an unforgettable four days in Vegas with Clenzoil. We braved the cold to bring you the best in gun care – now it’s time to heat things up at the SHOT Show!

See you there!

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