Clenzoil Supports Mission 22 With Donation from Vintage Bottle Campaign

by Alan Molony on September 24, 2019

(Tampa, FL) Clenzoil, the leading and most trusted manufacturer of cleaning and maintenance products for the firearms and marine industries since 1948 brought back the original packaging featuring the same tried and true Clenzoil formula, to commemorate the long-standing history of the veteran founded and veteran owned company. A portion of the proceeds from this campaign were donated this week to Mission 22, a non-profit organization whose vision Clenzoil proudly supports.

Through the vision of CEO Chris Hoffman, this program was developed to start producing the original Clenzoil product in the vintage, glass bottle of 1948. With each purchase, 50% of all proceeds were donated to Mission 22, a 501c non-profit organization that assists active and non-active military men and women with suicide prevention and counseling.

Mission 22 was founded to raise awareness about the 22 Veterans per day dying from suicide. They are a non-profit fighting to decrease veteran suicide rate. Every day, more than twenty veterans are lost to suicide. Mission 22 wants to bring that number to zero. They’re working to do this through veteran treatment programs, memorials, and national awareness. Since inception, Clenzoil has had a rich heritage of supporting veterans and patriots. This week Clenzoil made a donation of $783.42 from what’s been raised through the campaign.
“We’re incredibly proud of this campaign,” says Clenzoil President, Chris Hoffman. “Clenzoil was invented in 1948 by Captain Ellis C. Lenz to save American lives on the front lines. The fact that we’re able to both share the history of Clenzoil with our customers and carry on Captain Lenz’s mission to impact American soldiers’ lives through our friends at Mission 22 is really special.”

To donate to Mission 22, please visit the link below:



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