Clenzoil Launches New 0.5oz Precision Needle Oiler Fishbowl Display

Clenzoil Launches New 0.5oz Precision Needle Oiler Fishbowl Display - Clenzoil Unlimited

For years, Clenzoil® Marine & Tackle products have been known for offering the highest quality one-step cleaner, lubricant, and rust preventative solution for fishing reels, tools, boat motors and other equipment exposed to harsh marine environments. With the staple Marine & Tackle 1oz Needle Oiler continuing to see great success in retail stores nationwide, Clenzoil has developed it's successor in the Marine & Tackle 0.5oz Needle Oiler. Strategically designed with a sleek profile and spill-resistant cap making it the perfect grab-and-go solution for reel maintenance. 

The 0.5oz Precision Needle Oiler is set to replace the current standard dropper bottles that fill fishbowl displays throughout retail locations nationwide. With a secure and spill-free cap, the 0.5oz Needle Oiler immediately becomes the go to everyday bottle that covers you in all situations. Perfect for moments that call for quick, on the spot attention. Toss this bottle in your tackle box, travel bag, purse, or pocket without the worry of any spillage. 

Marine & Tackle Fishbowl displays are filled with 50 - 1oz Needle Oilers and are available at retail locations nationwide. Visit to find a dealer near you. 


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