The Importance of Firearm Maintenance

The Importance of Firearm Maintenance - Clenzoil Unlimited

If you're going to own a gun, you need to take care of it. This means regular maintenance and proper cleaning. While some people may think that gun cleaning is unnecessary and boring, the fact is that it will help to extend the life of your firearm and keep it in working order. In this post we'll cover some tips on why you should clean your gun and make sure it's not damaged by improper care.

Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance is the key to keeping your gun clean and reliable. It is comparable to brushing your teeth—if you don't do it, problems will occur down the road. The frequency at which a firearm should be cleaned depends on several factors, including how often you shoot, how dirty your environment is (e.g., humid or dry), how dusty/dirty the ammunition is, etc. For example:

  • If someone shoots an AR-15 once every month or two months, they probably won't need to clean their gun every time they go out; maybe just once per year if they're using standard ammo without any excess lubrication. Also keep in mind that certain lubricants, unlike Clenzoil, can cause buildup more quickly than dry ammo.

  • On the other hand if someone shoots weekly with highly corrosive ammunition like steel cased Russian stuff then they'll want to clean their weapon after every range session because corrosion will happen quicker than iron or copper-cased rounds would given similar humidity levels and other conditions in which both types of bullets are stored prior to use.

Preventative Maintenance and Firearm Storage

Firearm owners should take a proactive approach to firearm safety. Even if your gun is unloaded, it's still dangerous if you fail to store it properly.

An important part of keeping your firearm safe is storing it in a safe location away from unauthorized users and children. Keep your firearms out of reach at all times, preferably in a locked cabinet or drawer that's not accessible by anyone but you and other adults responsible for the weapon (like parents). This will prevent accidental discharge or theft by minors.

In addition to storing guns safely, regular cleaning will help keep them functioning properly so they are safer overall when needed. Regular maintenance can also identify any issues with the weapon before they become serious problems down the line—for example, cracks along the barrel that could cause pieces of metal to break off during firing are easier to spot before they become an issue later on.

A Clean Gun is a Happy Gun

The most effective way to keep your gun in working condition is to clean it after firing. Cleaning a firearm is not always a dirty job, but an important part of firearm maintenance; and the longer you go without it, the dirtier the job gets. It can also be very rewarding and satisfying—you will know that you are taking care of the tool that keeps you safe and secure. Fortunately, cleaning a firearm is not difficult if you have the right tools and information on how to do it properly.


As you can see, firearm maintenance is essential to keeping your guns in good working order. You should always clean and lubricate your firearm after every use to prevent rust, corrosion, and other harmful effects. With proper cleaning, you’ll be able to enjoy shooting for years without worrying about whether or not your gun will work when needed most.

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