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Regular gun cleaning and maintenance is important to ensure that your firearm is functioning properly and reliably. As a long-time manufacturer of firearms maintenance products, one of the most popular questions that we get is "How often should I clean my gun?" Unfortunately, that answer isn't as cut and dry as one might think as it's dependent on a number of factors, but here are some general guidelines that we recommend you follow:


If you've been doing any kind of high-volume shooting or using inexpensive ammunition (sometimes called "dirty ammo"), it's a good idea to clean your gun after every few hundred rounds. To make the process easier, you can bring along a Clenzoil Cobra to run through the barrel. Cobras are also handy to take out in the field in case any foreign material gets into your barrel, but it's also a good idea to have a cleaning rod in case something more significant gets stuck in your barrel.


Especially if you carry your gun every day, you should clean it regularly to remove any contaminants that may accumulate on the bore, hammer, and any other moving parts. Our sweat and natural oils can introduce lint, dust, and other materials that can affect the function of your gun. Check your carry gun every 2-3 days for any buildup, and clean it as needed. Better to be safe than sorry on this one. 


Even if you didn't fire your gun or notice anything getting into it, it's a good idea to clean it after any hunting or outdoor trip. Dust, pollen, brush, moisture, and other materials can all accumulate on your gun, even on a short day trip.


Before storing your gun, make sure to clean it thoroughly. The amount of time that you end up storing your gun for could be longer than you anticipate, so it's important to prepare it properly. Clean the inside of the firearm thoroughly and leave a light coating of Clenzoil inside the barrel. We recommend using one of our Clenzoil Applicator Pads to apply Clenzoil to the external surfaces prior to putting the firearm in a Protective Sleeve. Guns should be stored barrel-down to avoid oil running down and accumulating in the gun or damaging a wood stock. 


Check your guns every 3-6 months for any accumulated dust, lack of oil, or beginning signs of surface rust. If you have guns in long-term storage, it's a good practice to clean them every 6 months to a year to ensure they are functioning properly when you need them.

Remember, proper maintenance and cleaning of your gun will ensure its reliability and function when you need it the most.

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