Clenzoil Announces Army Bass Angler Sponsorship

by Chris Hoffman on September 13, 2021

Clenzoil, the leading and most trusted manufacturer of cleaning and maintenance products for the firearms and marine industries is pleased to announce its partnership with Army Bass Anglers; A partnership that highlights Clenzoil’s continued efforts to support the veteran community and work alongside Army Bass Anglers’ ever-growing team to increase brand awareness. Established in 1948 by World War II Army Captain Ellis C. Lenz, Clenzoil is more than just a manufacturer of world-class cleaning and maintenance products; the Company and team have a heightened sense of responsibility, respect, and caring devotion to everyone that chooses Clenzoil as their preferred product, and especially the veterans and active-duty service members that make it all possible.

All divisions of the organization, including Army Bass Anglers, Army Redfish Angler, Army Buck Hunters, Army Hog Hunters & Army Duck Hunters are not content with just fishing the toughest team tournaments or hunting experiences; more importantly, they use their ability to fish and hunt at the national level with the support of nationally recognized corporate partners to raise awareness and generate support for some very noteworthy charitable causes and events. Comprised mostly of active-duty soldiers, the members of the various organizations have the very surreal responsibility to defend this nation and the liberties we enjoy as Americans. 

“Some members of the organization are currently deployed around the world in multiple theaters of operation which can make it tough to uphold these obligations of supporting charity events and our corporate partners,” said CEO, Cody Roberson, “but what makes the organizations & the Coalition unique is that our military backgrounds create a “take care of each other” mentality. Each member has a “battle buddy” that he/she operates with within the outdoors and when one member can’t support the mission the other “rucks up” and carries the load for both of them, this is by design and is ingrained in all of our military training,”

“Clenzoil was founded by a veteran, is currently owned by a veteran, and more than 50% of our staff has served our country, so this partnership was really a no brainer for our team,” said Clenzoil VP of Sales & Marketing, Alan Molony. “Our commitment to our veteran community is not only in our company’s blood, it’s also one of the pillars on which our company was built, and we strive each day to express our gratitude.”

"We couldn't be more excited to add this historic Veteran owned company that has been in the business since 1948 to our incredible partners on the set of WFN - World Fishing Network's hit TV Show FORCEonFORCE. Clenzoil's Marine & Tackle and Field & Range product lines are perfect for every outdoorsman," stated Cody Roberson, CEO of Army Bass Anglers--HOOAH!


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